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Bio Recycle Program (BRP)

Bio-Recycle Program

BETSOL’s Bio-Recycle Program is an eco-friendly industrialized BSFL organic waste treatment program which reduces the landfill waste as well as cut down the CO2 emission. 

BETSOL’s BRP focusing on treating organic waste by using the nature decomposer, Black Soldier Fly Larvae. The overall waste treatment process strictly follows proper waste treatment guideline and it’s under government’s governance.

First of all, BETSOL collects organic waste from manufacturing factories, food retails as well as municipal waste. Then, BSF larvae are raised and harvested from otherwise inconsumable food, and then processed into valuable components of animal feed, while the treated organic food waste is turned into organic fertilizer and back to nature.


BSF is known as the Excellent Source Of Sustainable Protein For Aquaculture, Animals, Pets & Human.


The Black Soldier Fly is native to tropical countries such as Malaysia. With their non-invasive behaviour, they usually stay away from human being and they will not sting nor bite. Additionally, they are known as versatile recycling army that basically consume anything. Black soldier BSF larvae is able to converts organic waste into proteins and good fats. That’s why this makes them the excellent feed for aquaculture, animals and poultry such as fish and chickens.

In BETSOL, all the process of breeding black soldier BSF larvae is done fully indoor. Black soldier BSF larvae only take 10-15 days to be fully grown black soldier fly. We grow the larvae at minimal space with the right temperature and method. Even more, our standard operation & feeding rates are very important to maintain highest optimum survival rate and growth.


Step 1 of Bio-Recycle Program – WASTE SEGREGATION


In Malaysia, we created more than 3,000 tons of food waste everyday and less than 5% of food waste is recycled. Most of the waste ends up in landfill. BETSOL believed that by utilizing the natural decomposer, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, we are able to convert these organic waste into a natural fertilizer which rich in nutrients, and go back to the nature eventually.



In BETSOL’s Bio-Recycle Program, the first step is WASTE SEGREGATION. Our professional personnel will collect the organic waste from food retails, food processing factories, hotels, and households. These organic waste are segregated at source following our standard requirements.


Step 2 of Bio-Recycle Program – Waste Treatment with BSF Larvae



Followed by the Waste Segregation process, the second step of BETSOL’s Bio-Recycle Program is WASTE TREATMENT. All the organic waste is treated with Black Soldier Fly Larvae, which known as the natural decomposer.



First of all, the rearing process of black soldier fly larvae is required prior to the waste treatment process. The BSF Larvae is reared indoor at minimal space with the right temperature and method. BETSOL’s professionals are well trained to carry out the rearing process with standard operation guidelines such as feeding rates, these guidelines are very important to maintain the highest optimum survival rate and growth.


Once the Neonate (5DOL, Abbreviation for Five-Day-Old-Larvae) is ready, our professional personnel will dispose of the organic waste into our special container, followed by putting the Neonate (5DOL) into the container. The organic waste is consumed by the larvae and turns the waste into an organic fertilizer that enriched with soil nutrient.

Protein & Organic Fertilizer

The third part of our bio-recycle process involves the separation of the larvae and the treated waste into our three product streams. LARVIE Chicken Feed Pro115(s), LARVIE Worms and LARVIE Frass. 
LARVIE Chicken Feed Pro115(s) is a new source of sustainable protein which suitable for poultry feeding. 
LARVIE Worm is produced by using dried larvae, either by oven dried or microwave dried, which providing high content of protein to aquaculture or house pet. 
LARVIE Frass, is organically broken down residue of the treated organic waste, which make a super soil enricher or organic fertilizer.

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