insect meal

- Insect Meal

The world urgently needs new sustainable sources of protein, a growing population, scare water and land resources, and declining sea caught fish make this more critical than ever. Industrial farming of livestock and aquaculture relies on protein from two source: land-based grains and marine captures fishmeal. Agriculture protein like corn and soy requires vast amounts of land and water, while the sea caught alternative has consequences for marine life.

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    Soya from the land is 30% protein by volume, but it’s plant protein and therefore “incomplete” protein. This means it’s a less convenient animal feed that needs to be supplemented with additional man-made amino acids. Fishmeal from the sea is 52% animal protein and complete. This might be more convenient, but it’s far from a sustainable solution.

    Our Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) products are an excellent source of amino acid, fatty acid and known to have antimicrobial peptides ( high nature lauric acid content) made it a prefect for inclusion in feed for fish, poultry, pets and birds. Our products offer a natural alternative to unstainable or resource intensive ingredients like fishmeal, fish oil, soybean meal, palm kernel oil and coconut oil.

Organic Fertilizer

- Organic Fertilizer

With increase in demand for green products and pollution free agricultural products, the term ‘organic’ has become an irresistible trend of modern agriculture and is creating a buzz in the global fertilizers market. Rapid development of organic agriculture coupled with augmenting demand for organic food is expected to increase the demand for organic fertilizers.

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    Our Organic Fertilizer are 100% from Black Soldier Fly Larvae's manure

    • Promotes early plant growth
    • Micronutrient profile along with a natural beneficial microbial population
    • Beneficial microbes for plant growth and production
    • Water soluble for use in hydroponics and fertigation
    • Promotes rapid mineralization and faster nutrient release